Thursday, March 10, 2011

40 Days and 40 Nights....

Day 2....and I'm having MAJOR issues. I'm breaking out into a cold sweat, followed by hotflashes. My skin is all splotchy and I can't stop scratching. I have a tick in my eye and my lower lip is raw from chewing it.

 I'm going through Facebook Withdrawl.

 I have never, ever given anything up for Lent...ever. I once tried to give up soda, but 2 weeks into Lent we went on vacation and a gulped back a 32oz coke like my throat was on fire. Every year my mom...being the ever so faithful Catholic ex-nun... ALWAYS gave up candy, sweets and chocolate. I remember her making desserts for the rest of us to enjoy after dinner but she never ever caved. Come Easter Sunday...she devoured anything sweet that was placed in front of her.

Leading up to this Lenten season, I was thinking of different things that I could give up. I thought about dessert and chocolate BUT I'm going a cruise in one week and how can you resist those beautiful dessert bars on the cruise ship. That would just be setting myself up for disaster. Then I thought maybe fast food...but my life revolves around baseball these days and some days we have just enough time to get home from school, get homework finished and head off to the baseball field. Those days a drive through McDonalds or Wendys saves us.

Last year my facebook friend Kathy gave up facebook for Lent. I thought to myself....well, she can do that because she musn't be addicted to it like I am. Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. But she did give it up for 40 days and 40 nights. We welcomed her back Easter Sunday. I thought maybe I should do the same this year. The more I thought about it, the more I thought...I can do this.

I posted on Tuesday night that I was perhaps going to log off for a bit and got many, many fb messages saying not to do it! love me people!! Then I got some people saying....I bet you can't do it. And those are the people I'm going to prove wrong!!! (Sarah and Robbyn!!!) LOL

Hello, my name is Rachelle and I am a fb addict.

I turn it on it the morning and read the news from when I've shut it down the night before. Then I minimize it and continually throughout the day walk by my laptop...which is conviently sitting on my kitchen table...tap the mouse to maximize the screen, and see who posted anything new....10 minutes later I do the same thing. My kids have told me on many occasions to get off the computer...or the 'puter as Madden calls it. Funny thing about him. His new independance in the bathroom when he's doing his duty. He's pushes me out of the door so he can have alone time and tells me to "go back to da 'puter." 2 and I'm sooooo craving to log on and see who's posted a funny status updates, who shared a new youtube link, who created a new photo album, who's birthday it is, who invited me to an event or see who poked me, tagged me or deleted me!! If I could just click "like" one more time......

How am I going to show people my fabulous photos from my upcoming cruise? Or our upcoming Spring break trip to Chicago? Guess I'll just have to blog faithfully to release my inner ramblings.

But is anybody even going to know that I'm rambling on here....since I can't post it to facebook!!!!  


But I can do this....only 39 more days.

Like Charlie Sheen says "Winning"...whatever the heck he's rambling on about these days...I'm not gonna cave in....I'm winning!!

P.S......Blogging is NOT a form of Social MY rockstar world.

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  1. So if I copy and pasted everything funny from facebook on here, would that count as you caving? ;) Truthfully, I am proud of you! I am the same with with walking by, moving the mouse and just "checking". Yep, I even have an app on my smartphone to keep me connected when I am not home! I have a MAJOR addiction! I am very proud of you....and truthfully, you probably aren't missing much....Just don't get use to not being on Facebook and actually enjoy it :)