Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All tatted up

Can I get a woot, woot for the bee-u-tee-ful weather we are having. OMG....I don't want to brag too much about it because I know how extremely jealous all my Northern snow stranded friends are!!! But seriously.....I LOVE this time of year...in Florida. I hate, let me repeat, hate....the weather here May through September. It is waaaaay toooo hot for my liking and it makes me sweat and I don't like to sweat. Ladies glisten. That's why in my rockstar world as soon as school is out for the kidders, we pack it up and head to Nova Scotia for the beautiful weather they have there for July and August. I really do have the best of both worlds. Hmmm...that could have been a blog name. Best of Both Worlds. Oh wait....isn't that Hannah Montana's slogan???

But with this awesome spring weather we are having, the layers of long sleeves and woolen sweaters are being shed and some skin is peeking through and this is the time of year I start to get the itch. No, nothing that canesten cream is gonna cure....I get the itch to be inked. I usually start thinking about something that I want done and give a call to my man Jamie back home in NS and get him to book me for a summer slot. This guy is so freakin fabulous, words can't describe his work. He started out of an area converted in his basement and grew to be so popular and busy that he moved his business into an empty shop in downtown Havre Boucher. Now this in itself is funny to me, because if you have ever been to Havre Boucher you know not to blink or you'll already have driven past it! So the local tattoo parlor is located on the main strip...the only strip...smack in between the post office and the senior citizen home!! And when I say he's booked solid...I mean I'll be lucky...if I call now, in February...and he has a spot to fit me in, when I go home in July. Serious. Some of his work:



These are just a few of my favorites. Check out his facebook page Sacred Temple Tattoos.

So now that you see just how awesome Jamie is, and now that you know I have the ink itch, next step is to decide what I want. Right now I have a few tats and each one was carefully thought out. Well, actually the first two weren't! Number one was a spur of the moment decision. My BFF and I drove to New Glasgow, walked in to the tattoo parlor and basically froze at the sight of  this crazy looking, bearded, tatted up guy and pointed to the first design that we both agreed upon!! After it was over we actually liked our matching tats. For the next few years we still liked our matching tats. Then I got pregnant and check out our matching tats now.....

Next came a second tat....another spur of the moment idea, hung over, the morning after partying at Acadia University with my BFF and friends. Don't even know where or who did this one!
Don't ask me what the symbol means, because I haven't a sweet clue. My third tat is of a Celtic cross. I had a cross pendant on a chain and loved it so much I had a guy from Lou's Tattoos on Madeira Beach draw it up and ink it on the inside of my right ankle. I can't get a good pic of it at the moment. The next tat also came from the same guy and it's almost as bad as a tramp stamp. It's actually designed to look like a stamp of a maple leaf and around it, the text says.."Made In Canada" Can you guess where this 'stamp' is located??? On my buttocks!!!  Yup.....so proud of that one!!! No picture included!

Next one is the outline of a sun, in the middle of my back and inside the sun I have Brooklyn and Dallas' name. Because they are the sunshine of my life...get it?! Well along comes Madden and there is no room for his name. Now to be fair I have to ink his name somewhere because he too is the sunshine of my life, so I decided to create something on my own. This is right after my mom died and I was thinking of getting something in her memory and not the traditional rose with 'Mom' or 'Evelyn' written in script across a banner. Moms favorite game was Scrabble so I dusted off her scrabble game box and started fooling around with the letters of my kids names and this is what I came up with:

My man Jamie did this one and I was blown away when I saw it. Don't they seriously look like scrabble tiles. This was one painful piece to sit through. 3 hours. Down my left ribcage. Ouch. So now I have no use for 2 out of 3 kidders names inside the sun so I decide to fill it in, oh and while you're at it...why don't you add some swirly stars. So this is what Jamie free handed.....

I'm loving the new look of this tat. But it's not enough. It's never enough!! After mom died, my cousin gave me a pewter angel to hang in my window and on its wings were an inscription. The more I thought about this inscription, the more I wanted it inked on my back next to my sun and stars. So 10 min after I sit down in the tattoo chair, this is forever etched on my back:

So those are my tats. Let me tell you how many hubby has. Zero. He doesn't like them. He doesn't want one. Go figure. They are addictive. Let anyone tell you that once you get one....2, 3, 4 will soon follow.

So, like I said before...the itch to get inked it back. I'm not sure where. I'm not sure what. But I am sure that there will be another. Maybe I should get Jamie to ink Willie Nelsons portrait on me. Wouldn't that be cool. I love Willie. I also thought about getting the word 'Patience' inked somewhere I could see it, maybe inside my wrist. So as I'm loosing my cool with the kids, I can stop. Count backwards from 10 to 1. Breath. Look at my tat. And all will be well again. If only it were that easy.

At any rate. I should call Sacred Temple Tattoos and book a spot now for when I go home in July. I'm sure by then I'll have one designed and ready to be permanently inked on my rockstar bod. Kat Von D.... eat your heart out!!

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