Thursday, February 3, 2011

My 34th year of life...starts NOW!

My birthday is seriously the best day of the year. It is the only day that is totally ALL about to my wedding day which was also ALL about me, not US, but me!! I don't get that excited belly feel any more when I wake up on my birthday but I do get excited knowing that anything I do or say can't be held against me in a court of law...because this is the one day that's all mine.

Yesterday, after hearing that Pawksatawny Phil predicted Spring to be right around the corner, I started about my day. Now just because I am Queen for the day doesn't mean that the laundry will fold itself, or that the dishes will put themselves away, or that the beds will magically get I still had to do all those unpleasant chores before the fun could begin. I had a wonderful-too short-visit with my friend Stephanie who brought me over some fabulous smelling soap and lotion and to-die-for turtle brownies.

After Steph left for work,  I decided to color my own hair. Now being that it was my birthday, you would think that I should have relaxed at a salon for the afternoon having someone else do this. But A: I didn't have the time and B: I didn't have the money. So, a do-it-yourself  $9.99 hair color kit from CVS would have to do for now....and it turned out great. I love my new darker do....I feel so mysterious and sassy with it!

Now it's off to lunch with my dad. I decide to pick a somewhat healthy restaurant since I know I'm going to be consuming way too many calories on the chocolate cake, so I choose Jimmy Johns Subs. YUMMY! Then dad says he'll take me on a mini shopping trip. Well.....what exactly does mini mean? Because my version of mini probably differs greatly from your version of mini!! To Target we go and I choose a much needed and wanted wireless printer. From there we drive to Visionworks where I try on many different pairs of glasses. The last time I got new glasses was 6 years ago so I'm due. Shaw once bought  a pair for reading and he waited until there was a sale...Buy 2 pairs for $49.99!!! He asked me if I could get that same deal? HA. Silly man. Finally I decided on a pair of GUESS glasses that would have cost $390.00 but I had a 50% off card so I only paid $185.....that's pretty close to $49.99...isn't it???

After Dallas' ground hockey game and Brooklyn's piano lessons....which I still had to play taxi driver, even though it IS my birthday....we came home and ordered pizza. No way was I cooking on MY day. Then I had invited Dad, The Woo-Woo Sisters (Isabel & Laura) and Trailer trash Diane to come over for some cake. I told them....just cake, no gifts. But thankfully they didn't listen. They all brought me over something. I love getting gifts!

Seriously....I LOVE getting gifts. I'm worse I think than my children when it comes to opening presents. Shaws birthday was last week and I asked him what he wanted and he said, nothing really. So I didn't get him anything! Ok, ok I did get him a bag filled with all his favorite snack treats. But I told him....."that's fine, but on my birthday I want something!!" My thing turned out to be my new glasses... which in our cash strapped life, I'm fine with them being a gift! My fabulous friends Margy and Tracy had taken me out to dinner a few weeks ago to Ceviches....thank you. My crafty friend Tiffany made me a super cute headband and candy cane lollipop...thank you. My brother-in-law brought me over a booklet that he swiped from the Church of Scientology called "The Way to Happiness. A Common Sense Guide to Better living"....shithead. My sister in law Tracy sent me a labeler. This folks, has to be my number one gift. I'm going to have everything in this house labeled. Fridge, fireplace, toilet, nightstand....if you come over to visit...don't judge!

I still remember birthday parties and gifts I had growing up. On different years I got a beautful wood desk for my bedroom. A mini pops album. A camera....the long, slim kind with 110mm film!! A shiny blue walkman. A ghettoblaster with The Bangles tape....."Just another Manic Mondy...ohhh, ohhh!!"Oh the memories.

But seriously....aside from all the, cake, lunch friends and family are the people that make this day extra special. Getting to spend the afternoon with my dad...priceless. All 208 birthday wishes from facebook friends...priceless. And my hubby and children who will undoubtably make my 34th year of life a living hell dream.....priceless.

To sum it up....the card my children picked out and gave me was the best gift I could ask for. It said:
You're the BEST mom!
Boo-Boo kisser
Burp dismisser,
Dream Inspirer,
Goal Admirer,
Manners Teacher,
Proverb Preacher,
Hug Supplier,
Teardrops Dryer,
Lie Detector,
Health Inspector,
Smart-stuff Knower,
Good-Kid grower,
Do-good deeder,
Best Cheerleader,
Like NO other!!! #1

And although it nearly killed Shaw to have to pay $4.00 for this is by far, the BEST gift EVER!

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  1. SO great, you need to start posting more photos!

    Happy Birthday!