Friday, January 14, 2011


So I haven't blogged in the last few days because I have been sick. And when the mamma is sick watchout. The world or at least this gonna fall apart. It started with Madden having a sniffly nose and cough Tuesday night. As I gave him a slobbery kiss goodnight all I could think was...oh baby, I did it now. All those germy germs are now coursing through my body waiting to attack my healthy cells. Ever watch the movie Osmosis Jones, where the whole inside of Bill Murrays body is brought to life? Thats what I think of when I feel myself starting to get sick and I'm praying that Osmosis Jones (played by Chris Rock...I think) is working overtime to kick the crap out of the invading germs! Woke up Wednesday morning and it felt like my throat was on fire. I didn't want to hollar at the kids for fear that fire would come flaming out of my mouth. My mother in law and her faithful sidekicks...her Woo-Woo sister and Trailer Trash Diane were expected to arrive in Pinellas Park Wednesday afternoon after travelling the last few days from Nova Scotia. Being the ever so wonderful, fabulous, magnificant,awes.....ok, ok....daughter-in-law that I am...I invited them all over for dinner at my house when they arrived Wednesday evening. Honey glazed salmon, steamed fresh green beans, rice and warm just out of the oven....banana bread. Who wouldn't drive a couple thousand miles for a homecooked dinner like that. Well, let me say....I'm just glad I didn't sneeze in the salmon or that my nose didn't drip in the rice because I felt like complete doggy doo-doo...and thats glamorizing it! But I trodded on and served them, smiled and even cleaned up. They had to leave right after eating due to the time of day...and having to unload the van...but I didn't need to hear any apologies. The faster they left, the faster I could clean up and go to bed. But my night is still not over because I'm a MOM and moms never get time off. So.....3 kids in the shower/bath, pajams on, teeth brushed, homework completed, lunches made for school the next day, bedtime stories read, some rocking chair action with Madden, tucking them into bed and then I can FINALLY call it a night...and get's only 7:15pm!!!! I convinced them it was 8:45 and bedtime!!!! I should get an award for that finely finessed deception!!! So I feed Osmosis Jones some Tylenol Night time medication, layer myself up in clothes (because now I have the chills), shove a tissue up my nose (because I have that uncontrollable drip) and get myself in bed by 8pm!! YEAH ME!  Woke up yesterday still feeling like doggy doo-doo. And of all days, I have volunteered myself to go on a field trip with Brooklyns class. But not any field trip where I could just sit back. This was an intese, all-day, be there for training at 7:45am, busy field trip to Enterprise Village. But I managed to plow through the day without sneezing in any of the kids faces. Leftovers for supper, early to bed and today I feel like a human again. Well not quite human...more like human, half walking germ. But I'm functioning quite well today and I can talk to people knowing that snot is not going to spontaneously drip from my nose. I just wish Osmosis Jones would hurry up and find those lingering germs and kick their ass so I can go back to being 100% better.


  1. Wow you got better so much faster than I did and I had it full blown on tuesday morning. I feel just as bad today as I did on tuesday...maybe worse.

  2. Good lord Rachelle, you're like the cold whisperer!