Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shop till you Drop

I don't know why I cannot walk into a store and buy ONLY what is on my list. I try and I try but time after time items that I never even thought about needing until I spied them...continue to jump into my cart. At least that's what I tell my manager hubby when he asks "why did you get that?" "I don't just jumped into my cart!" The look he gives me is usually one of disbelief. I don't know why he doesn't believe! Yesterday I went to Target...oh boy. There are a few stores that I can walk into, purchase only what is on my list, and then walk out. Wal Mart...only because I want to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. Sears...the ONLY time I go there is for something specific that I'm looking for. Music Store...only to buy the piano book Brooklyn is needing at that time and the XXX Adult Store...(that's a whole other post!!) Get me into a Target, Dollar General, Barnes & Nobel, Marshalls, Publix, Michaels....I can't leave without spending half of Shaws paycheck. So back to Target. I went in yesterday for 4 things. A body pillow cover, a black dry erase marker, wireless mouse and face wash. At the most my total should have been maybe $35-40. But I walked out with a bill of $155. How in the hell am I going to hide this from Shaw? One of the big things I bought was a metal wall decoration. It was 3 panels of metal with flowers cut out of the metal. Super cute and perfect for my wall. I thought in my head I could get away with telling Shaw that it was to be an early birthday present. Then I noticed the cute throw pillows and decided that I had to have a new one for my rocking chair. As I strolled past the bathroom section I realized I needed new hand towels to match my new bathroom decor I bought a few weeks ago. Hand towels and the Webb children do not get along, so I had to buy 7...a new one for each day of the week. Thankfully all the Christmas decor was gone. How can you pass up 75% off wrapping paper? I would have loaded the cart with items I thought I might need for next year. The electronics section isn't all that exciting to me, so I chose the wireless mouse I wanted and headed for the jewelry department. Now we're talking! As I looked around and bit my nails, I wondered how I could convince Shaw that the necklace I was eyeing was already a part on my collection rather than something I just purchased....hmmm. Whatever...into the cart it went. I'd deal with it later!! So all that along with socks, a tee shirt for Madden, a white binder, shampoo, conditioner and 2 birthday cards and my bill spiraled out of control. Luckily for me I had 2 gift cards with a little bit of moola on that brought the total....the price that Shaw will see when he opens the online bank statement....down some! So now I'm home with all my purchases, quickly ripping tags off and shoving them deep into the trash bag, and I'm eager to see what my early birthday gift is going to look like on my living room wall. Unfortunately the space is too small for it. There is no where else I can hang it. I needed something on the wall between my front door and front windows and that was supposed to be perfect. So back to Target I'll have to go this afternoon to return it. I just hope nothing decides to jump into my cart while I'm there.

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