Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Skinny Bitch

So aside from dreaming about being a Rockstar...I also like to dream of one day being one of those girls that everyone says..."You skinny bitch!" Seriously...I would take it as the biggest compliment and hug them! I am so totally obsessed with my weight and it's such a constant source of nitpicking..on my part. When I tell people how much I weigh, they look at me and say, NO WAY, you don't weight THAT much. But I do. Somehow I make it look like less. I mean I avoid clingy tops that highlight my muffin top and I avoid shorts that somehow point out all the cellulite on my thighs. I love wearing cute dresses bc they are very forgiving and don't cling to my unwanted curves. My manager hubby is always printing out pages that pop up on MSN....5 tricks to a flat belly or 10 foods to avoid while dieting or 2 simple exercises to drop 2 dress sizes. I know he is doing it because it is ALL he hears about from me and in his own mind this is something that he's doing to help me. But seriously...knock it off, or I just might have to fire you! After I had my last child I went on a weight loss program and instantly dropped 30lbs. I took an appetite suppressant daily and went in for weekly B-12 shots. I LOVED how quickly I lost the weight without having to get off my lazy ass and exercise. I didn't like that I had to cut out carbs from my diets because I'm a cereal, pasta, bread loving gal. But that weight slowly crept back on. Then last year I joined Weight Watchers and LOVED how I was able to eat anything as long as I stayed within my daily points range. It slowly took off the lbs but as summer approached and we went away on vacation, first to Tennessee and then to Nova Scotia, fast food and snacks took over my life. So now a new year has started and I jokingly stated on Facebook that my 2011 goal was to gain 15lbs. This is about what I average per year, so I've decided to set myself up for success. Weight loss resolutions only result in disappointment and low self-esteem, and really, who needs that? I'm really joking. I'll become a sweat pants, pony tail wearing hermit if that happens. I was attending a boot camp at Seminole Park. And Lisa the instructor was awesome, but lately I have a messed up knee and exercising is not an option until I can get it straightened away. So Hi-Ho,'s back to Weight Watchers I go. I have nothing on my calendar for the next few months, so I am going to take this weight loss seriously and change my nasty fast food habits once and for all. If you see me around please don't flaunt your bag of chips or chocolate bar in my face. But if you do see me in a few months from now and I've dropped 20lbs or so please feel free to call me a Skinny Bitch. I'll smile and give you a hug!


  1. I was totally gonna write that you'd better get your butt back to bootcamp until I saw the end...bummer! We are doing a Biggest Loser Challenge this month and we weighed in on monday, we are on teams and the team to lose the highest % wins!

  2. I was wondering what happened to you..I have to lose 18lbs by Sept 15th, UGH! IT is aweful, but I am staying with it. Good Luck to you too!
    You, SB!!!