Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My BFF's

I have to say I have been very lucky in the friendship department. I'm not sure how I've managed to keep the same great group of girlfriends that I had growing up since Primary. Especially when they all tell me how mean and bossy I was back then. Me? Mean and bossy? I can't see it! In elementary we all hung out together. I grew up in a small close knit community. All the other girls my age were with me in brownies/girl guides, figure skating lessons, piano lessons, singing lessons, dance lessons, (seriously, I think I tried everything that was offered!) and gymnastics. As we moved up to high school we merged with other students from neighboring communities. But throughout our highschool years we still managed to stay together and graduate together. Off to University we go...or wherever else our life seems to flow. But yet we still manage to make time for phone calls, emails, and weekend visits. During this time we have met and have become friends with other gals and guys and so now our group has expanded as we each introduce the old friend to the new friend. Graduation day from University and now onto and into the real working world. Some have spread out across Canada. Some have gone to teach overseas. Some have stayed in the community. Some have gotten married and are having children. Some have gone to other countries. But throughout all this hustling and bustling about we are still friends. Facebook has reconnected alot of us together again. I for one love finding old friends and taking a peek into their lives now. What they are doing, where they are living, how many children they have. I am thankful for all the wonderful relationships that I have kept and made with old and new friends alike. It doesn't matter how busy I am or how long I go without talking to a friend...as soon as I pick up the phone and reconnect with them...it's like no time at all has passed between us and that is true friendship. So to all my old and new friends alike......(with the exception of the friends I made during my stint in Juvy) thank you for many years of past friendship and to many more years ahead!! (All 657 of my best Facebook friends!!)

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