Friday, January 7, 2011

How I met your Mother

So because I can't be witty and inspiring everyday I thought today I'd tell ya'll how Shaw and I met. It's actually pretty crazy and I never thought about it until yesterday. I had a piano tuner over here tuning Brooklyns piano and man was he ever a talker. Somehow we got on the topic of marriage. He mentioned that he was 67 and had recently got married to a lady he met while playing in a piano bar. She requested a song and he fell in love! I thought how sweet. Shaw and I have a similiar sweet, sappy story and it's mine to share. A long time ago....really it seems like a long time ago, but it was only 12 short years ago...I was a waitress at Mother Webbs. And so the story begins....I had been waitressing for almost 3 years there and worked for Shaws dad, Jerry and brother, Scott. His 2 other brothers Mike and Todd also worked in the restaurant and his mom, Isabel sometimes came in as a hostess. It was and still is a family run business. Four days after Christmas in walked this great looking guy and sat down to eat with Jerry, Scott, Mike and Todd. Someone told me that was the 4th brother, Shaw. I struck up a conversation with him and we most definately were flirting...I'm the master flirter! Every day after that I worked, Shaw would come in and if he wasn't sticking around to eat with his folks, he would just order a coffee to go and leave. I later learned that he didn't even drink coffee. He would pour it out when he got home. It was his excuse to come in and say hi! So to make a long story short, we hooked up (use your imaginations) and he was to leave the day after. I get a call from him later the next afternoon and he tells me that he has decided to cancel his flight and he's going to stay another week. WTH??? It wasn't suppose to be like this. This was a fun, spur of the moment decision and he was supposed to go back to USA. I thought, this guy is nutso. Anyway, we took advantage of the days we had together that week and I started to like him more and more. He FINALLY left a few days into January and we had a phone relationship for that whole month. I would rush home from classes at X to talk to him, or rush home after working the night shift at Mother Webbs to call him. He worked on the road as a construction worker, at that time, and it was hard to track him down. But we eventually connected and burned the phone lines up for hours. On Jan.31st I was working a day shift at MW's and 2 dozen roses were delivered to the restaurant. All the girls wondered who they were for and who they could be from. Lo and behold they were for me from Shaw. I hadn't told anyone that I worked with about our ongoing relationship so everyone was a bit shocked...umm, especially his 3 brothers that worked there! I just played cool. The next day Feb.1st, I'm working again and de ja walks the same florist with another 2 dozen roses. this is getting just crazy. I must have rocked his world the week he was here! It has now become a joke amongst the waitresses. I take my flowers and go home. Feb birthday. He calls me in the morning to wish me a happy 21st birthday and I go down to my parents house in Havre Boucher. My mom is already in Florida for the winter but my dad is taking me out to dinner. As I'm lounging around watching tv, the phone rings and it's Shaw. He asks if I got anything delivered to me today? I tell him...I do not need anymore flowers!!! Ding-Dong. There goes the doorbell. "I'll wait" he says, as I go answer the door. OMG...more flowers and a teddy bear and a card. This is insane. My dad lives 30min out of town and it's the same florist. So I get back on the phone and I'm laughing and he says "Who was it" Well DUH....So he says, "is there a card?" Yup...I begin to read it. When I get to the spot in the card that says...wish I could be there with you....DING-DONG...the doorbell rings agin. At that moment I thought...there is NO WAY he is at my front door! I fly down the stairs and push my dad aside as he's about to answer it and yup...there is my knight in shining armour (well actually it was sweat pants, sneakers and a ball cap...but who cares!) So as my dad is standing there watching me kiss this stranger (Akward) I introduce Shaw...who I had never once mentioned to my parents. My dad just looks at him and says..."You're either crazy or in love." and walks away!!! Hahahah. So for the next 2 weeks I have Shaw all to myself. It is now public knowledge to all Mother Webbs staff that we are an item. When I'm not there working, I'm there eating with him! He elaborately wines and dines me Valentines night and then leaves the following day..back to Florida. I pack my suitcase and off to Cuba I go with many University friends for Spring break. It was a super fun time but I really wished I could be there with Shaw! I get home from Cuba and unpack, wash my clothes, repack and the following day I'm on a plane to visit him in Florida. The fact that I'm missing classes and mid-terms means nothing to me!! I stay the week bopping between his house and my parents rented condo on the beach. I'm sure they wanted to talk to me about the birds and the bees case I forgot...but I'd be off and running with Shaw before they could open their mouth! A week went by too fast and back to reality and classes and working. I get a call from Shaw about 2 days later telling me that he's quit his job on the road....he's packing up...renting out his house...and moving up to be with me. Remember folks this is just 2 short months after our first encounter. So up to Nova Scotia he moves. Right then and there I knew he loved me. To move from Florida to Antigonish in the dead of me equals true love! So we live, work, sleep, eat, play, together for the next 2 months until I graduate from St.F.X in mid-May. I think, this is where I have to choose my next path in life. So with alligator tears and a snotty nose I say goodbye to my mom and dad and hello to Florida and to the next chapter in my book of life.


  1. Wonderful! Love it!! Smiling and tearing up at the same time.

  2. This is a great story to tell your kids AND grandkids...proves that love at first sight exists:)

  3. Rachelle I had no idea you had a blog! Love this story it's really sweet.