Monday, January 3, 2011

So much to little time

All the Christmas decorations have been removed from my house. The tree is down and now it is all stacked in my playroom...where it will probably stay for a few months before being moved to another location..closer to the shed...until finally it will be moved into the shed. Around here nothing gets done in a timely manner. Now as I look around my bare house, I see all the little things that need to get done. Paint touchups on the walls and kitchen cupboards, replace a ceiling light fixture that fell off the ceiling and shattered into a million pieces, find a coat rack and shelf for my living room, clean out and organize a corner of my bedroom that has turned into dump central station, remove wallpaper border in the kids bathroom and paint those walls, find my laundry room. I'm not kidding...I need to find it before I can organize it. Last year we bought a mac-daddy front loader washer and dryer. I was sooo in love, I vowed to do laundry everyday until death do us part. After about 2 months...I quickly decided I needed a divorce. I no longer loved this machine. But it's still there in the laundry's just that someone from the TV show "Horders" moved into that room too. So my honey-do list just keeps getting longer. My 2011 major home reno is going to be getting rid of the nasty ass, stained carpet in my living room and replacing it with hardwood floor. Since hubby works 2 full time jobs and refuses to hire someone to do it...(he installed the wood floors in the 3 bedrooms)...I'm not going to hold my breath on getting this scratched off my list. All in all, I don't think this list is over the top. Everything on it is due time. For now I'm just thankful that the old, broken-down toilet is gone off my front porch. It has been moved to the side of the house...behind the fence...but it's off my porch. And that's all I can ask for!


  1. LOL I think reading these may become MY addiction!! Sounds like our house!!

  2. I LOVE IT!!! Ur too cute!!! And makes us feel like we're not alone in the fight against "housework-the never-ending battle"!!LOL! I say just take a granade to the laundry & be done with it!!LOL! ;o)