Thursday, January 20, 2011

Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali and Rachelle

What do these 4 people have in common? We are all artistes extraordinaire!!!! Well in my fantasy world that I live in, I consider myself in the same league as these 3 fabulous painters. Painting for me, as I'm sure it was for them, is a way to relax and calm my frazzled nerves. I get my canvas and easel set up, my paints laid out, my brushes prepped and I'm ready. Oh wait....I have 3 screaming kids running around me asking.... "can I paint, can I, huh, huh, huh??" So how exactly is painting calming?

Both my mom and dad painted. I remember my mom would get her supplies together and every Monday night she would go to the Seniors Club house and paint with a group of people. She painted with oils.

Painting mom did for me. Now hanging in Maddens bedroom.

My dad had an area set up in our study downstairs with all his painting supplies. It looked so pretty and professional. A huge work table with an overheard lamp. His canvas in a stand, all his brushes in a pretty purple vase. Never was I allowed to touch anything on that table!! So considering that they both painted, I must have inherited some pretty awesome artist genes!

Pencil crayon series dad created. Still looking for a place to hang them.

When I was pregnant with Brooklyn (and living home with mom and dad, if you remember) I was so bored! One day I decided that I was going to break out moms old oil paints and paint. What a time to start breathing in all those obnoxious fumes!!! Well I got everything out, ran into town and bought a canvas, set it up on a table in the garage, opened the garage door to let some fresh air in so as not to warp the development of my unborn child with fumes and began painting. Did I have a picture to follow? Had I seen something pretty that I wanted to copy? Nope. Just started splattering paint on the canvas. Blend a little here, smudge a little there and VOILA!! My first painting finished in 15 minutes. I'm not kidding. My mom came downstairs, out to the garage to see if I needed help setting up and I was already finished my painting!!! Check it out!

So now that we have unanimously decided that I am going to be famous, if not for my Rock star blog, then for my artistic are 2 more that I did.

My 2nd painting, from a picture my dad took.

Painted for Maddens jungle themed bedroom.

It would be my dream to have a bigger home, not only for the extra space so we are not on top of each other constantly, but so that I could have a spare room to convert to a studio. Well in reality it would be converted to a studio, craft room, spare bedroom, computer room, playroom and junk room. But somewhere in there I would like a tiny little space to be able to set up my art supplies and be able to leave it there... untouched.

This past weekend I saw on a friends face book page that her brother had painted some cute small paintings of Elmo and Grover and I thought...I should do that for Madden, considering his obsession with Sesame Street. So I ran out, got the supplies I needed and VOILA....produced these bad boys Sunday afternoon!!! I know, I'm THAT good....3 in one day!

So folks...if you didn't know this little fact about me, now you do. But like most starving artists, my talents will probably go unnoticed until I die and then suddenly out of nowhere, some big shot will see and buy one of my hidden paintings and I'll become a millionaire. So be sure to grab your one of kind, autographed treasures...before that happens. Please...don't everybody rush at once!


  1. They are cute, you did a great job! I need a craft room too but it will only be a dream in my head for a while...

    So how good are you? Can you recreate this firetruck painting?

  2. Very cool I had no idea you were so talented.